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    We are a solution partner for your certified, notary approved, and all inland translation services.

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    All you need to do to benefit from our low prices and exclusive discounts is to fill out the Request Form!

  • Remote Translation

    We do not only provide certified translation services within Turkey. You can utilise our translation services from different cities or even countries.


We have been a part of many projects of different subjects and sizes. We combine our commitment to our work and experience to guarantee economically priced high quality service. We work diligently to prepare your translation projects in a consistent, correct and sector-appropriate fashion, and in this sense we achieve a success rate of up to 100%.



  • Multiple Language Translation


    Is one language just not enough? Let us be your solution partner for your documents that need to be translated into more than one language.

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    • Written Translation
    • Interpreting
    • Teleconference/Video Conference Interpreting
    • Hosting
    • Simultaneous Translation
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