Official Document

As a notary certified translation office, we offer high quality and reliable services for all your official document needs. We can provide timely and professional translation services for any of your official documents, such as apostil confirmations, contracts, identification cards/birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates and court decisions, and even school transcripts such as diplomas, certificates etc.

Judiciary Translation

Your legal document translations are executed by our select staff of legal field translators who are trained in this area. They are experienced and have full knowledge of current and relevant terminology. Your legal translations, within a process of high level quality control, are done and reviewed by our legal field translators who are experienced, certified, and who have, at minimum, completed their undergraduate education in this area.

Medical Translation

Our translators are experienced in medical translation and have received their education in medical fields. Your medical translations are produced by a team with a level of language skill and familiarity with medical terminology and knowledge that has been confirmed by UTKA Translation. UTKA offers exceptional services to those who work in the medical field as well as those in adjacent medical companies or professions. All your work, including international publications, foreign-sourced publications, medical device operating manual, clinical research reports etc. can be prepared or translated with skill by our experts.

Literary and Academic Translation

Your academic research papers, essays and thesis papers will benefit from the thorough reviews provided by our outstanding editors and translation team. We can help you with your field of study, as we offer expert translations in areas including the social studies, health, education, the sciences, and fine arts.

Technical Translation
The technical translation services we offer range across many subcategories; we excel at translating documents in the fields of computer technology, automotive, medical devices, user manuals, aviation, machinery, construction, telecommunication, electronics, trademark license, chemistry, textile etc. Translations are delivered to the customers after being proofread by our senior editors who are also experts in these respective fields.

Commercial Translation

Your activities in banking, insurance and investment consultations constantly produce reports, balance sheets and documents of great length and complexity. When these documents require translation, send them to our commercial translation service. We can reliably process your commercial documents including financial reports, statements, annual balance sheets, commercial correspondences, transactions, exchange letters, invoices, income and expenditure accounts, commercial registry gazettes etc.. In this area, we provide a comprehensive and quality translation service with translators who have excellent knowledge in the finance field.

Web Localization/Layout

If your website is available in more languages, you will reach more people. Our expert translators have the knowledge base to translate your personal and corporate websites in the languages of your choice. Language localization is deeply appreciated by prospective clients. Our translators are familiar with the cultures and the local experience that can open new opportunities for your project in the international arena.

Record Decoding

We offer a record decoding service that includes the conversion of official meeting, conference, and/or seminar audio CD recordings into a print-ready format such as Word or PDF, prepared and reviewed by our language experts.In addition to Turkish, this service is also offered in English, German, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish.


Our redaction service is offered in all languages. Our language experts will not just review your documents in order to correct the grammar errors, but they will also review the overall concept of your documents for sense and clarity. Our redactors know the language, they know their subjects and they are familiar with the terminology that best ensures that your text is clear, clean, and elegant.

Simultaneous Interpretation

This is the best choice if you need translation services for group events such as conferences, seminars, sessions. Our simultaneous interpretation services are provided by a team of experts in the language of your choice. In order to qualify as a simultaneous interpreter, our language experts must show proficiency and experience in the relevant area, familiarity with different cultures, as well as proper technical knowledge. UTKA takes all necessary measures to provide an exceptional interpretation service that makes you look professional and prepared.

Consecutive Interpretation

This interpretation service is carried out in two stages. First, we listen to the original speaker, and then the translation is provided in the target language. Because this interpretation style doesn’t require any special equipment, it is sometimes preferred over simultaneous interpretation. UTKA ensures the quality of its consecutive interpretation by offering translators with a profound depth of experience in this skill; they are also translators that have demonstrated an understanding of the relevant field as well as being interpreters who have accumulated direct knowledge.

Escorting Service

UTKA interpreters can accompany you on your next international meeting, business trip, or your next expo visit. They are equipped with key cultural information for the country you are visiting and our interpreters can also provide relevant guidance about its institutions and commercial relations. As well, UTKA can provide you with a skilled translator to accompany you on your meetings while you are visiting Turkey.